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Our Markets

Boasted as the nation’s capital and best known for its recession resiliency, Washington, D.C. MSA attracts a highly (if not the most) educated and transient workforce in its diversified public and private industries, which includes a fast-growing top tech hub for new talents. Due to its economic resiliency, the region boasts some of the nation’s wealthiest counties along some of the top-rated high schools nationally. Centrally located along the East Coast, the region is highly accessible by three major airports and one of the nation’s top networks of trains, subways, and commuter rails. Foulger Pratt has successfully built and invested in the D.C. market for nearly sixty years.

With well over 20 Fortune 500 Companies and strong job growth, Dallas / Fort Worth (DFW) is a top national MSA that boasts high metro product growth in a business-friendly environment. DFW is a top destination for job seekers given its diversified economies, low cost of living, and advantageous tax policies. Being well-located and highly accessible, DFW also features top-rated school systems, a strong presence of higher education institutions, and a strong STEM hub.

As regional centers famous for their economic growth in the “Top State for Business” of North Carolina, Raleigh and Charlotte have become top destinations for young professionals seeking prosperity, higher quality of life, and lower costs of living. Also well-known for their highly educated workforces, especially in the Research Triangle, the region has become a powerhouse in STEM research and higher education in addition to its large manufacturing industries. North Carolina is centrally located in the Southeast (equidistant to Miami and Boston), and easily accessible by four major airports, and features a top rail system and a top highway system. With relative proximity to D.C. and homegrown talent, Foulger Pratt opened its Charlotte office in Q2 2023.

As key international gateways, travel destinations, and hubs for diversified industries, the highly accessible and iconic cities of Los Angeles and San Diego boast strong economic growth. Both Los Angeles and San Diego feature strong school systems and draw a very-well educated workforce.  Well-known for the quality of life in the region and high barrier to entry, Southern California has also become the home of Foulger Pratt’s West Coast office founded by the organization’s principals who have relocated to the market to cover investments in western U.S.

Amidst the pandemic, Utah was named the #1 state for economic growth by Forbes in 2021, while also boasting the accolades of #1 in population growth and top 5 in job growth in the last decade. With diversified economies, a growing STEM hub, and low costs of living, Salt Lake City attracts a well-educated workforce. Despite the market’s high barrier to entry, Foulger Pratt’s principals have long-standing relationships to the state, including being Brigham Young alumni.

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We’re in the business of creating value with integrity, and we do it in a way that no one else can. Through our institutional knowledge and unique ability to identify and execute on successful real estate opportunities, you can be confident that an investment with Foulger Pratt is one that will yield a high return and stand the test of time.