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We Care About Success, But We Also Care About How We Get There

In 1960, Sid Foulger moved from Utah to Washington, D.C. and three years later, Foulger & Co. was founded. In 1982 Clayton Foulger, Bryant Foulger and Brent Pratt became equal partners with Sid, and the company became Foulger Pratt, as it is known today. As the company grew, this leadership team made it clear that “success at any cost” was not the Foulger Pratt way. Principles such as honesty, integrity, kindness, and mutual respect were consistently highlighted as being the most integral part of Foulger Pratt’s business model. As leadership passed on to our current Managing Partners team, these principles have remained the cornerstone of how and why we do what we do.

Our Core Values

We Treat People The Way We Want To Be Treated

We Plan Thoroughly And Execute Effectively To Deliver A Quality Product

We Constantly Strive To Learn And Improve

We Are Accountable For Our Actions And Behaviors And Hold Others Accountable As Well

We Maximize Our Resources To Manage Risk And Create Profit For The Benefit Of Our Stakeholders

We Strive To Have Fun!

Our Leadership Team

Cameron Pratt

Managing Partner & Chief Executive Officer

Bryan C. Foulger

Managing Partner & Chief Operating Officer

Peter Ognibene

Managing Partner & Chief Financial Officer

Clayton Foulger

Board of Directors

Bryant Foulger


Brent Pratt

Board of Directors

What Is It Like Working For Foulger Pratt?

“I’ve had the privilege of being part of this company for the past ten years, and I can confidently say that the opportunities for career growth here are unmatched. The company's commitment to employee development, coupled with its dynamic work environment, has empowered me to continually expand my skills, take on challenging projects, and advance my career to new heights.”

Austin B.

Project Manager

“Working with Foulger Pratt has given me the opportunity to be part of something bigger. It’s our core values and great people that make us different from other companies. They give everyone a sense of pride and fulfilment. My position at Foulger-Pratt has been rewarding and uplifting since day one. I have always felt like I belong here. “

Williams E.

Lead Engineer

“This company places a tremendous emphasis on employee development and growth. I have been provided with numerous opportunities to expand my skill set and enhance my knowledge through training programs, workshops, and educational resources. The organization truly invests in its employees, recognizing that their growth directly contributes to the company's overall success.”

Tarik E.

Property Manager

“Foulger Pratt has such a wide breadth of expertise in real estate development that I’ve had the opportunity to work on a variety of exciting projects. The opportunities to learn are endless!”

Margaret K.

Development Director

The Goal is To Do The Most Good With What We Have

We understand the unique position that we are in to improve the quality of life for not only our residents and tenants, but the communities in which we operate at large. We’re proud to support our communities and the volunteer interests of our employees, clients, and friends. Each year, our team dedicates thousands of hours of volunteer work to local charities, foundations, and community organizations.

We Have A Responsibility To Protect the World That We Love

We are aware of the significant environmental impact that large-scale projects have and are committed to implementing systems that minimize that impact. We are proud to have construction and property management partners that continually set industry standards for their commitment to minimizing their environmental footprint and reducing their carbon footprint.