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POTOMAC, MD (3/13/19) — Foulger-Pratt Companies is pleased to announce the formal transition of management and majority ownership to Cameron Pratt, Peter Ognibene, Brigg Bunker, and Bryan Foulger.

As part of its’ decade long succession plan, this transition follows the pattern of succession established more than 30 years ago when founder Sid Foulger transitioned management and majority ownership to Clayton Foulger, Bryant Foulger and Brent Pratt – his sons and son-in-law. Bryant Foulger, Clayton Foulger and Brent Pratt will continue to serve as Partners, members of the Board of Directors, and members of the Investment Committee. Additionally, Bryant Foulger will remain Chairman of the Board.

Cameron Pratt has been named Managing Partner and Chief Executive Officer; Peter Ognibene is Managing Partner and Chief Financial Officer; Brigg Bunker and Bryan Foulger will serve as Managing Partners. Each of the four Managing Partners are members of the Board of Directors and Investment Committee.

“We are thrilled that this transition has commenced,” said Bryant Foulger. “Now more than ever, Foulger-Pratt strives to maintain an even bolder footprint in the Washington metro region and elsewhere. I am confident that these four very capable individuals will provide continued success for our company, and at the same time stay true to Foulger-Pratt’s vital Core Values.”

Added Cameron Pratt, “We are extremely pleased to be in a position to take Foulger-Pratt to a new level, and we are proud of our existing senior management team and dedicated employees who allow us to excel in our industry. As a strong and unified team, Foulger-Pratt is bullish about its future!”

About Foulger-Pratt:

Established in 1963, Foulger-Pratt is a real estate investment and development firm distinguished by its long-term focus and extensive experience executing successful mixed-use, transit-oriented projects. The firm’s disciplined culture and vertically integrated platform have enabled it to develop more than 15 million square feet of commercial office, multi-family residential and retail projects by its long-term focus and extensive experience executing successful mixed-use, transit-oriented projects.
Foulger-Pratt is privately owned, led, and staffed by many of the industry’s most talented professionals. The firm’s culture has been carefully cultivated for the last half-century through deliberate effort to operate consistently in accordance with specific core values. The result is a reputation of unmatched integrity, accountability and vision. For more information, visit